West Virginia

Division of Labor Safety Section

The Division of Labor provides oversight for the inspections of most amusement rides and attractions in West Virginia.

General Information:

An owner may not operate an amusement ride or attraction, at an event (public or private), unless the amusement attraction has been registered, inspected.  There are only a handful of certified private inspectors that are licensed to inspect amusement rides in West Virginia.


  • Every amusement ride or attraction is required to be registered with the State and inspected prior to its first use in the State each calendar year
  • There is a fee for registering amusement attractions with the Division of Labor. (look for a 4”x4” decal and/or “tag” near the ride, with the current year decal to know the ride has been registered and has a valid date to operate).


  • There is an inspection fee, with the amount set by a private inspector.  Because there are a limited number of inspectors, the inspection fees can be quite high.
  • Once inspected, the ride or attraction may be set up in the State, without inspection, throughout the remainder of the calendar year.

For additional information, contact:

West Virginia Division of Labor 
Amusement Rides/Attractions Safety

749 ­B Building  6
Capitol Complex
Charleston,  WV 25305
Website: http://www.wvlabor.com/newwebsite/Pages/Safety_amsuement_rides.html

John Ellis, Chief Inspector
Phone: (304) 380-9275 / (304) 549-0730

Penny Treadway, Office Assistant
Phone: (304) 380-9343