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table linen

Rent party and banquet table linen for your next bar mitzvah, wedding, birthday party, sweet 16 party, or other special event from Talk of the Town Rockville MD 301-738-9500.

Table Linen

For years now we have been helping customers (families event coordinators party planners catering companies businesses) plan their events (birthday parties religious celebrations and corporate parties).  Every event requires some sort of seating and/or tables for guests to eat.   Due to popular demand we have recently added linens to our product line - to help you save money on table linens chair covers and related products. 

Typically our linen orders arrive to our office on Wednesdays and are picked up for cleaning on Tuesdays each week. 

See below for the many options we offer:

  Solids                                 solids.html

 Spandex                             spandex.html

   Bengaline                            bengaline.html 

    Krinkle                                krinkle.html

     Runners                               runners.html

   Chair Covers                       chaircovers.html

    Pintuck                                pintuck.html

    Crush                                   crush.html

   Satin                                     satin.html 

   Organza                               organza.html   

    Imperial Stripe                    impStripe.html 

    Empress Damask                empDamask.html  

   Checks Collection                checks.html 

   Themed Collection               themed.html  

   Stars Print                            stars.html    

   Eternity Print                        eterntity.html  

   Winterfrost                            winterfrost.html            

   Elegant Overlays                   elegant.html          

   Cirque Collection                    cirque.html     

   Lace / Garden Lace                lace.html  

   Flower Garden Collection       flowerGar.html     

   African Collection                   african.html    

   Shakesperean Collection        shakespearean.html     

Tahiti Prints                             tahiti.html    

    Sports Prints                           sports.html     

   Exquisite Collection                exquisite.html       

   Swirling Fantasy Collection    swirlFant.html   

   Enchantment Collection          enchantment.html     

   Holiday Collection                   holiday.html     

   Magic Dots                               magicDots.html 

   White Ringlets                         ringlets.html    

   Pink Lily / Vine Organza         pinkLily.html   

   Burlap                                      burlap.html  

  Denim                                      denim.html




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