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Splash Zone / Water Balloon Battle

Splash Zone Inflatable Water Balloon Battle Game - Sling water balloons either as individuals or team building in our inflatable self contained arena. By Talk of the Town 301-738-9500.

Splash Zone Water Balloon Battle - A four person water balloon battle!  Play as individuals or teams launching your water balloons as you try to get your opponent(s) soaked before they get you!  And the best part - this game is self-contained within an inflatable arena so onlookers don’t get wet! 

Includes: Inflatable 1 blower 4 water balloon launchers water balloons filling station garden hoses and 1 attendant.

Requires: Electricity (110 volt 11 amps) water source within 50 feet

Space: 50’l x 20’w x 20’h

 Great for ages 6 & up.

Trying to keep cool?  You may also be interested in our Water Slide Dunk Tank Mist Tent or Fan.  Add Sno Cones or Ice Cream for a cool treat.


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