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Portable Patio Heaters

Patio Heater rentals MD DC VA to stay outside during the cooler months of fall and winter. Patio Heater rentals for parties and weddings in Montgomery County, MD, DC and Northern Virginia - Talk of the Town 301-738-9500



Patio Heater Rentals -

Mosaic Mushroom Top Style Portable Heater - provides heat in a 360 degree way / 200 sq ft area / 40,000 BTU's


Heaters operate off propane and have an adjustable heat output.

 (wind, outside temperature, area size will all affect the distance guests may feel the heat and the amount of temperature you are able to increase the area. 

Measures approximately 2’w x 2.5’d x 7’h

Requires propane (if you have a propane tank from a portable grill, other propane device, you can use that  - or we can provide 1 full propane tank with rental).  A full propane tank should last approx 8 hours, depending on level of output.

Heaters should not be placed under tents or directly on grass (we offer ember mats, rented separately)


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