Spin Art T-Shirts



Spin Art T-Shirts - A great entertainment activity and "take home" gift wrapped in one!  Use your favorite colors to spin a design on a t-shirt and wear it proud!  Shirts take approx. 15 minutes to dry.  Shirts are produced at a rate of approx. 20 per hour. Clients can provide own shirts or shirts can be ordered separate. 

Includes: Machine(s) fabric paint conveyer dryer and 2 attendants.

Requires: Electricity (110 volt 20 amps) 3 tables

Space: 10’l x 12’w space.

Everyone loves creating or receiving party favors as a reminder of events they’ve attended.  It’s even better when your activity is also your party favor!  We offer several extras for your guests to remember your event.  Electronic Programs Fill A Friend Custom License Plates Military Dog Tags Custom Street Signs Candle Art and more!  Call Talk of the Town at 301-738-9500 for details.