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X Factor

Rent X Factor Obstacle Course - by Talk of the Town - has all the thrills of an inflatable obstacle course - pop up obstacles, a climbing wall, and a slide. But you better be just a little faster - and book this unit before another customer does!


X Factor Obstacle Course - All the thrills of an obstacle course -  obstacles a climbing wall and a slide  – but you better be just a little faster than your opponent or else you can get caught up in the criss-cross move at the top before you slide down to victory! 

Includes: Inflatable 2 blowers and 2 attendants.

Requires: Electricity (110 volt 20 amps) 

Space: 40’l x 18’w x 16’h

 Great for ages 8 and up.

Talk of the Town is your rental house for all types of Obstacle Courses and Inflatable Bouncers including these other courses: Adrenaline Rush Boot Camp Challenge 30 foot obstacle course and  Wild One obstacle courses.


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