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Stage / Riser

Talk of the Town, Rockville Maryland supplying portable stages and risers - Increase visibility and awareness for any DJ, Band, Speaker, Presentation, or Group with our modular, 16"h stage

Stage / Riser - Increase visibility and awareness for any DJ Band Speaker Presentation or Group with our modular 16"h non-slip tred surface stage.   1 step-up (with railing) and skirting are available as separate rental items.  Comes in 8’l x 4’w sections and is very easy to assemble.  12 sections available for up to 24’l x 16’w stage area.

Includes: Non-slip tread stage surface 1 step-up with railing and skirting

Requires: Level surface. 

Sizes Available:

4’ x 8’ 4’ x 16’ 4’ x 24’ 4’ x 32’ 4’ x 40’ 4’ x 48’ Stage Riser

8’ x 8’ 8’ x 12’ 8’ x 16’ 8’ x 20’ 8’ x 24’ Stage Riser

12’ x 16’ Stage Riser

16’ x 24’ Stage Riser


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