More Themes


More Themes:

Superhero Party:
Moonbounces - Small Superman Bounce    
Candy Theme Party:        
Photo Novelties Candy Box Photos    
Moonbounces – Large Fun House Bounce    
Water Activities – Pool Pirate Water Obstacle Course  
Astronaut Party:        
Kids Activities - Combo Units Shuttle Play Space    
Boot Camp / Military Party:        
Obstacle Courses Boot Camp Obstacle Course  
Novelties Military Dog Tags    
Arts & Crafts Party:        
Novelties Sand Art      
  Spin Art      
  Spin Art T-Shirts    
  Beaded Pens    
  Candle Art    
  Leather Bracelets    
Carnival Games Crayon Toss    
Wild West / Western Party:        
Competitive Games - Single Player Mechanical Bull    
  Rodeo Roper    
Virtual Games Laser Shooting Gallery  
Photo Novelties “Wanted” Photo Op Cut Out  
  Old Time Photos    
Casino Games Derby Racers (use as prop)  
  Table Games    
  Atlantic City Money Wheel  
Carnival Games Shooting Gallery    
Props & Décor Saloon Façade    
  Jail  Façade    
  General Store Façade  
Casino / Las Vegas / Monte Carlo / Atlantic City Party:  
Casino Games Table Games    
  Cinema Horse Racing  
  Derby Racers    
  Money Machines    
  Inflatable Slot Machines  
Props & Décor Las Vegas Photo Backdrop  
  Welcome To Las Vegas Sign  
  Oversized Dice    
  Oversized Lighted Playing Cards
Photo Novelties Playing Cards Photo Op Cut Out
  Green Screen Photos  
Hollywood Party:        
Props & Décor Red Carpet Rope & Stanchions
  Paparrazi Cut Out    
  Oversized Movie Reels  
Audio Visual Strobe Lights    
  Mini Search Lights    
New York City Party:        
Props & Décor Park Benches    
Princess Party:        
Moonbounces - Small Disney Princess Bounce  
Medieval Times Party:        
Competitive Games - 2 Player Gladiator Joust    
  Off With Your Head    
Combo Units Castle 4 in 1    
  Wizard 4 in 1    
Moonbounces - Small Disney Princess Bounce