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Ultimate Illusion Spinning Tunnel

Vortex Tunnel is the ultimate spinning illusion tunnel attraction -a mind-blowing attraction, guaranteed to test your senses! Talk of the Town Entertainment, Rockville, MD 301-738-9500


Vortex Tunnel - The Ultimate Illussion Spinning Tunnel  - A true (and fun) test of your senses as you walk through the center of a spinning tunnel you can experience vertigo (a dizziness feeling / feeling as if you will fall down cannot walk straight) and a loss of equilibrium as your brain receives conflicting signals from your bod1y and senses.

Includes: Trailer attraction handrails and attendant.  

Requires:  Electricity (110/120 volt 20 amps) and 36’l x 14’w x 9’h.  Trailer must be driven into place of set up.

Great for ages 10 and up!




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