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Giant Pin Screen Wall

Giant Pin Screen Wall / Pin Press Wall rentals for your corporate event in the MD DC VA metro area. Corporate Games, Giant Games, Interactive Games rentals by Talk of the Town Entertainment, Rockville, MD.


Giant Pin Screen Wall / Pin Press Wall - Remember playing with the small steel pin press as a kid - or maybe you have one on your desk at work?  Now you can be even more creative as you walk up to a lifesize 4’w x 8’h wall!  Be creative with your body or other props stand back and take a picture to remember.  Fun for participants and bystanders too!

Consider adding a digital photography station to have pictures taken and printed on site for guests to take home with them..

Includes: Pin Screen Wall Steel Frame and attendant. 

Requires: 6’d x 5’w  x 8’h space (plus room around unit).




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