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Water Balloon Race

Rent Water Balloon Race Game - Squirt The Water In The Clowns Mouth Water Balloon Race Game for rental in Rockville Maryland. Call Talk of the Town entertainment amusement rental company Rockville MD 301-738-9500.


 Water Balloon Race - Modeled after the extremely popular carnival midway game 4 players try to squirt the water into their clown’s mouth to have the balloon rise and pop - first one to get the balloon to pop wins!  

Includes: Arcade game (2 sections)  water resevoir 9-inch balloons and 1 attendant.  

Requires: Electricity (110 volt 11 amps) 

Space: 9’l x 8’d x 7’h  


 Great for ages 6 & up.


Watch Water Balloon Race video:

water balloon race



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