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Laser Tag

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Laser Tag / Lazer Tag -  Competitors beware!  Here’s an activity popular with a wide range of ages whereby  players attempt to score points by “tagging” opponents  using our hi-tech infrared “phasers.”  With up to 8 different games available participants can play as solo competitors  or in team competitions and can be played either indoors or outdoors.   No vest or headband is required as each “phaser” is equipped with a target sensor audio voices and digital display. 

Includes :  inflatable laser tag arena 2 blowers 1 industrial fan 10 lightweight laser “phasers” carrying case  scoring system and 1 attendant

Requires: Electricity (110 volt 2 seperate 20 amp circuits)

Space: 40’l x 40’w x 10’h (Pop up barriers and alternate maze options also available; space requirements vary)

 Great for ages 8 and up.


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