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Virtual Event Swag

Virtual branded swag ideas to get your guests excited about your upcoming virtual online event - and keep them entertained during and after your event is over. Talk of the Town 301-738-9500

Virtual Event Swag:   Get your guests excited about your online events;  give them something to enjoy during your party;  keep them thinking about you after your event is over...


A pre-event gift can bring attention and get people excited:


  • Snacks to enjoy during the party
  • Mixers to to along with a Mixology Class
  • Branded PPE - masks, no-touch tool door openers, sanitizer
  • Items To Promote Exercise - headphones, water bottles
  • Coffee / Tea Cup, Drink Glasses 
  • Work Accessories - mouse pad, pens, paper tablets, screen cleaner, office supplies
  • Clothing - t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, gloves, hats
  • Game show Survey Questionnaire - ask questions for information to use in a game played during your party



You can send a follow-up item after your event, as well - to stay top of mind:

  • Thank You Card
  • Sweets or Other Foods
  • Some of the same options above


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