We hope you, your families, friends, co-workers, employees and others you care about are staying healthy and taking the necessary social distancing precautions during this COVID-19 time.  Because parties are not taking place, as usual, and our core business is not fully operational, we have looked for other ways to become a useful resource to our past, current and future clients.


Social Distance Activity Rentals:

 Yard Greetings / Lawn Signs

 Outdoor Movie Nights / Drive-In Movies 

 Virtual DJs

 Virtual Karaoke

 Virtual Game Shows

 Lawn Games

 Video Game Rentals


Social Distance Equipment Rentals:

 Aluminum Fencing / Barriers

 Rope and Stanchions

 Large White Plastic Modular Blocks For Temporary Wall / Room Structures


Sale of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Other Social Distancing Equipment:

 Face Masks
  - 3 Ply Level 1 Masks

  - KN95 Masks

  - Black Cloth Washable Masks

 Face Shields

 Hand Sanitizing Stations

 Hand Sanitizer

 Hand Washing Stations

 Sanitary Wipes Stations

 Disposable Gloves

 Disposable Gowns

 Social Distance Floor Decals / Stickers

 Pens For Individual Use / Personal Use

 Employee "Welcome Back To Work" Packages

 Health & Wellness Signage

 Clear Acrylic Desk Shields / Front Counter Panels / Desk Dividers 


COVID-19 Services / Resources

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