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Froggy Fly Fling

Rent a Flip A Frog Carnival Game for your company picnic, fundraiser, fair, festival and birthday party event. Also known as Froggy Fly Fling and Frog Toss Games.


Froggy Fly Fling - Twister Frame - Digital Print Style                               Froggy Fly Fling - Twister Frame - Painted Style                            

Froggy Fly Fliing / Flip A Frog - Contestant is given 3 bean bags or 3 frogs to flip (hit flipper mechanism with small mallet) into the frog’s mouth on the facade. This game can also be used during halloween with bean bags or animals being hit into a kettle or pot. Prizes are given for the number of items flipped into the frog’s mouth.

Requires: Table to set flippers on and prizes.

Great for ages 5 and up.

  Medium level of difficulty.



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