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Duck Pond

Rent a Duck Pond Carnival Game for your company picnic, fundraiser, fair, festival and birthday party event. Also known as Lucky Ducky and Pick A Duck Game.


  Duck Pond - Brown Tub                                      Duck Pond - Blue Tub


Duck Pond Game - 3 ways to play: 1 - This game is very popular with small children because everyone is a winner! The game consists of 24 ducks (4 each numbered 1-6) floating in a small wading pool of water. The contestant is given an opportunity to pick one of the floating ducks. His/her prize corresponds to the number on the bottom of the duck (requires 6 prizes). 2 - Another variation would be to put 21 animals into pool (6 number sixes 5 number fives 4 number fours 3 number threes 2 number twos and 1 number one and give larger and smaller prizes for the numbers chosen. 3 - Still another version would be to pick 2 animals out of pond and if 2 numbers match you get a prize.

Requires: Water and prizes.

Great for ages 2-7. 

Easy level of difficulty and great for toddlers.


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