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Beat The Bucket

Rent Beat The Bucket, and alternative to a Dunk Tank. Great for carnivals, fairs, birthday party rentals in the MD DC VA area. Talk of the Town 301-738-9500


Beat The Bucket - A great Dunk Tank alternative - and the "Dunkee / Victim" has a way to defend themselves from being splashed!

A single player stands behind the station and with the aid of a blocking arm, can defend the targets from being hit. A second player throws waterlogged balls while trying to hit the 2 targets. If the player using the blocker can act quickly enough, they can stop the ball from hitting the target. However, should the ball happen to strike a target, a bucket of water is dumped from above. The bucket automatically resets and fills with water.


Includes: Target game, balls garden hose and backstop

Requires:  A "Dunkee," water source (hose hook-ep within 50’)  and 1 attendant 

Space: 12’l x 10’w 

Great for ages 6 & up.


Watch this video:



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