Bean Bagglz

Rent Bean Bagglz Corn Hole Tossing Game for your tailgate or backyard party. The world

Bean Bagglz - The world’s first bean bag tossing game with interchangeable game boards! Play on the ground or convert to a table top game of chess checkers or backgammon

Includes:  Game console chess/checkers/backgammon table board (3) 2-sided interchangeable game boards all accessories. 

Space: Game console measures 38.5"l x 22’5"w x 7"h; weighs 24 lbs (has wheels for easy moving)

 Choose between 14 double sided game boards including:


SKU 001 - Chess / Checkers / Backgammon:

Your game board is large enough for 4 players can play two games at the same time.  The game board is divided into two sections.  One half is perfect to play Chess or Checkers.

The other half is designed for Backgammon.

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 SKU 002 - Corn Cube / Bagglz Bullseye:

Corn Cube          

Like to play cornhole? Then you will love Corn Cube because it is exponentially more fun

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 Bagglz Bullseye

It’s a cross between shuffleboard and darts

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SKU 019 – Football Frenzy & Beanbag Billiards

Football Frenzy

Are you ready for some football? Now you can play Football Frenzy while tailgating with your buddies before the big game.

Each player receives 4 bags which represent your 4 downs.

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 Beanbag Billiards (8-Ball)

Choose Solids or Stripes.- Toss until you miss or land in one of the Scratch Triangles. If you scratch remove one of your legally pocketed balls.

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SKU 003 – Haunted Havoc / Synchronized Slalom

Haunted Havoc

Booo!  A great option for Fall Festivals and Halloween Parties.

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 Synchronized Slalom  

 Players toss beanbags simultaneously. Go faster or slow down your opponent. First skier back to the dock wins.

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SKU 004 - Bagglz Bowling / Carnival Craze

Bagglz Bowling

It’s a portable bowling alley. How many pins can you knock down in 10 frames          

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Bowling Scoresheet:

 Carnival Craze                  

Get your popcorn funnel cake and cotton candy - it’s time to go to the circus. First player to 33 points wins

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SKU 005 -  Fishing Frolic / Snow Shreddin’

Fishing Frolics  

Be the first fisherman to "catch and release" 33 fishy points. Don’t get eaten by the shark or else you lose all of your points

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 Snow Shreddin’

Be the first snow boarder down the mountain. Avoid the avalanche or else you will be helicoptered back up to the top and start again

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SKU 007 – Hat Trick Hockey / Space Shuffle

Hat Trick Hockey

Every game consists of three periods with each player tossing 5 bean bags per period.

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 Space Shuffle

Explore the galaxy with BeanBagglz. First astronaut to 33 “out of this world” points wins.

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SKU 008 - Kiddo Kolumns / Poker Pass

Kiddo Kolumns

It’s like Tic-Tac-Toe with Beanbags.

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Poker Pass

A friendly gambling game to play with your buddies.

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SKU 010 - Goofy Golf / Homerun Hitter

Goofy Golf

Are you a Goofy Golfer? Design and play 18 holes...player with the lowest score wins.

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 Home Run Hitter

How many homeruns can you hit before you make 3 outs?

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SKU 011 – Hitman Hoops / Widows Web

Hitman Hoops

Play one of your favorite basketball games “Around-the-World” without a basket.

Around the World

  • When you make a shot your opponent has to make the same shot

Chance It

  • When you miss you can “chance it” which means you can then shoot again. But if you miss a second time go back to the start.

Prove It

  • When your opponent makes a basket once per game you can force him to “prove it” by making him shoot again.

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 Widow’s Web:

Players each receive 7 bags and alternate tosses knocking down the outer web in any order then your turn ends.

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SKU 012 – Redneck Racing / Deep Sea Diving

Redneck Racing

Be the first racer around the track. Watch out for the oil spills flat tires and crashes or else you may go back to the start

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Deep Sea Divers

Be the first diver to possess all four treasures - a fun and fascinating game of strategy.

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SKU 015 - Billiard Ballz  

 (Set includes: 15 Cards representing the 15 billiard balls)

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SKU 018 - Dastardly Dice

Feeling Dastardly?

(Set includes: 6 White Dice Cards 6 Red Dice Cards and 3 Wild Cards)

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SKU 019 – Bagglz Battleship

I Found My Bagglz Battleships Fleet

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Bagglz Bonanza - Bagglz Memory Game

(Set includes: 5 Red Cards 5 Blue Cards and 5 Yellow Cards)

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