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World`s Largest Pac-Man

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World’s Largest Pac-Man - Pac-Man is back and BIGGER than ever in this arcade exclusive twist on the beloved classic! The huge 13′ game screen will stop customers in their tracks and the familiar classic gameplay of Pac-Man will keep them playing for that high score. Using bright LED billboard technology this creates a unique appearance to a familiar game that stands out among any other title on your floor.

New features have been added to the familiar Pac-Man formula to to enhance the experience. Players can now continue the game by inserting more credits after their lives are lost. Earnings climb higher thanks to the unique “co-op” game mode where you and a friend can tackle the mazes together! The Left side player gets classic Yellow Pac-Man and on the Right is the new Green Pac-Man. Clear out those mazes together and post your high score to the leaderboards afterwards.

Arcade Exclusive – you’re not going to find this game on any PS4 or Xbox One!

-1-2 players – 2 can play at the same time!

Includes: Game console LED scrren and 1 attendant 

Requires: Electricity (110 volt 20 amps)

Space: 6’w x 4’d x 9.5’h

Great for ages 6 and up. 



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