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Snatch It!

Play the Snatch It! Reaction Game. A 2 player head-to-head LED game that tests your hand-eye coordination! Perfect for your next School Event, Company Party, or Birthday Party entertainment. Call 301-738-9500 for more information.


Snatch It! Game -  A fun, fast-paced 2 player head to head reaction game. Wait until the rod turns off and be the first one to Snatch It to win.  The game is played by aligning the rods on the play lights and both players placing their hands on the player buttons. When a single rod unlights, the first to grab it, before their opponent, wins that round.


 Includes: Game board, rods, and 1 attendant.

 Requires: Electricity (110 volt 11 amps).

Space: Approx. 4’l x 3’w x 3’h 

Great for ages 6 & up!


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