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Giant Space Invaders Frenzy

Rent the Giant LED Space Invaders Frenzy arcade game for your next corporate party, bar mitzvah, quinceanera, high school after prom, or special event in the Rockville Gaithersburg Germantown Potomac Maryland area.


Giant LED Space Invaders Frenzy -  The Invaders are back in this updated version of the classic game Space Invaders.   2 Players sit in the battle seats and fire the cannons at the giant LED Screen.


Includes: Game console LED scrren and 1 attendant 

Requires: Electricity (110 volt 20 amps)

Space: 8’w x 10’d x 10’h


Seat Cabinet Dimensions: Height: 55.0” Width: 43.5” Depth: 32.5”

Main Cabinet Dimensions: Height: 46.0” Width: 43.5” Depth: 29.0”

Display Dimensions: Height: 117.0” Width: 68.0” Depth: 35.5”


Great for ages 6 and up. 





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