Sports Cages

Have you ever wondered how far you can hit a baseball, hit a golf ball, or throw a football?  Want to know how hard you can throw a baseball, serve a tennis ball, shoot a hockey puck throw a lacrosse ball, or kick a soccer ball? 

Find out with our portable sports cages. 

Great for all ages and skill levels.

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Sports Cages

Soccer Fever

Rent Soccer Fever inflatable soccer kicking game available ...

The Winning Kick

The Winning Kick Football Field Goal Kicking Challenge - ...

Urban Hoops

Rent Urban Hoops 4 Player Basketball - a 4-player version ...

Virtual Sports Cage

Rent a oculus rift virtual sports cage for your next sports ...

VS-10 Virtual Sports Simulator

Rent a VS-10 Virtual Sports Simulator for your next sports ...

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