Rent the Juggernaut Obstacle Course, manufactured by HEC Worldwide, is an inflatable 160 feet of challenging fun! Great rental item for any company picnic, high school after prom party, or other special event in the Washington, DC - Baltimore metro area.


Juggernaut Obstacle Course  -Combine the X Factor and Vertical Rush to make the Juggernaut of all obstacle Courses!  160 feet of challenging fun, as contestants go through the tunnel, up the rock wall, down the large slide, then climb another rockwall, criss cross their opponent, and slide down to the finish!  

Includes: 2 inflatables, 3 blowers, and 2 attendants. 

Requires: Electricity (110 volt, 2 separate 20 amp circuits) 

Space: 68’l x 18’w x 22’h 

Great for ages 10 and up.


If you want an even greater challenge, rent our Juggernaut Extreme, combining the Vertial Rush, X Factor, and 30 Foot Obstacle Courses!



Talk of the Town is your rental house for all types of Obstacle Courses and Inflatable Bouncers, including these other courses: Vertical Rush, X Factor, Adrenaline Rush, Boot Camp Challenge, 30 foot obstacle course and  Wild One obstacle courses.

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