Stick It Bulls Eye Darts Velcro Game

SAFE Archery Stick It Bulls Eye Giant Inflatable Darts Interactive Game available from Talk of the Town Entertainment Company, Rockville, MD.

Stick It Bull's Eye Velcro Darts - Are you afraid to challenge someone to a friendly game of darts because you're scared you won't hit the board? Well, you shouldn't have that problem anymore with our inflatable achery / dart board! Great for a Pub Night Party, School Carnival, Convention, or Tradeshow. 

Includes: Inflatable dart board, 2 Archery Bows, r, and 6 velcro darts.

Requires: Electricity (110 volt, 11 amps).  Electricity only needed for inflating unit - does not run continuously. 

Space: 4'd x 5.5'w x 5.5'h

Great for ages 8 and up.

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