Flip Book Photos

Rent a Flip Book Photo Booth. As fun event activity for guests attending a wedding or bar mitzvah.


Flip Book Photos -Remember, as a kid, creating a cartoon by doodling in a notebook?  As you flipped through the pages, the images seemed to move along in the book.  We bring the favorite pastime back!  Flip Book Photos are a combination of "Make Your Own Music Video" and Digital Photos to create a fun 10 second video; then turn that video into a 60-page book.  As you flip through the pages, your video is recreated!

Includes: Computer program, photo backdrop, props, and 2 attendants. 

Requires: 3- 6 foot tables, 2 chairs, 1 trash can, electricity (110 volt, 20 amps)

 Space: 10'l x 15'w 

Perfect for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah party favor, birthday party, or corporate event.

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