Basketball Beat Baller

Renta a Wii Baller Basketball Arcade Game - Similar to dance dance revolution, with a basketball twist - for your next basketball or sports theme party. Talk of the Town, Rockville MD 301-738-9500.


Basketball Ball Beats Similar to Dance Dance Revolution – for guys (and girls, too)!  Experience basketball like never before with an arcade game that uses a real basketball to test your skills. Players bounce the ball to the beat of the music, to try to master 20 different skill moves. Players choose from 3 levels of play (rookie, pro, and baller) to go head-to-head against their friends (up to 8 players at a time).  

Includes: Game system, LCD tv and truss, 1 basketball, basketball court rug, and 1 attendant.

Requires: Electricty (110 volt, 20 amps)

Space: 8'l x 8'w x 8'h

Great for ages 6 and up.

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