Boom Blasters

Rent Boom Blasters balloon popping game modeled after the multi player trailer carnival game. A fast pumping balloon popping race to the finish. Talk of the Town entertainment amusement rental company Rockville MD 301-738-9500.



Boom Blasters - Similar to a game off the carnival midway, this fast pumping, balloon popping, race to the finish is great fun for everyone!  Each set (3 available) comes with 2 pumping stations, so up to 6 contestants can play at once (typical set up is 4 stations).  Contestants pump as fast as they can to inflate their balloons until they reach the balloon bursting arches.  First balloon to burst, wins!

 Includes: 4 pumping stations, and 9" balloons.   Attendant may be hired for an additional fee.  

Space: 5'l x 12'w x 6'h

Great for ages 5 & up.


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