Disco Car

Mini Disco Car Mechanical Ride for rent for your next birthday party company picnic elementary school carnival or other fair or festival in the MD DC VA area. Call Talk of the Town 301-738-9500.




Disco Car Ride - Get ready for the ride of your life in this popular amusment park ride.  Up to 8 kids / 6 adult riders sit a "turntable-type", pendulum rocking, spinning carnival ride.  The ride is equipped with lights and music to add to the festive atmosphere.  The motion of the car is pre-programmed (not controlled by our operator), but is geared toward young kids and adults.

Includes: ride, safety fencing, and 1 attendant,   

Requires: electricity (230 volt, 30 amps)

Space: 18’l x 16’w x 13’h (25'l x 9'w trailer must be driven to site)


Great for ages 5 & up

Watch Disco Car Ride video:



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