Hoops Challenge

Hoops Challenge - Similar to our inflatable Double Shots Basketball Game, with a little twist. Great for bar mitzvahs, birthday parties, school carnivals, and other special events.


Hoops Challenge - Similar to our extremely popular inflatable Double Shots Basketball Game and Full Court Press Basketball Game, but with a twist. 2 Players stand on either side of the inflatable, so they cannot see their opponent.  As each player makes a basket, the ball rolls onto the opponent's side.  Games can be played either 1) to see who makes the most baskets in a certain time period, or 2) first person to get rid of all the balls on their side wins.

 Includes: Inflatable unit, blower, 6 mini basketballs, and attendant.

Requires: Electricity (110 volt, 11 amps).

Space: 12'l x 8'w x 7'h

Great for ages 6 and up.

Expected to arrive January, 2013!

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